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  • 1. Bluetooth streaming function
    The bluetooth streaming function only supports music streaming, if you want to syn the screen, please refer to the point 2 : how to use mirrorlink ? After you successfully pair the bluetooth, you can listen the music through the application "A2DP" in the head unit.
  • 2. How to use Mirrorlink function ?
    Our head unit has built in an application named "Easyconnection" for the mirrorlink function. Easyconnection provides three conneciton methods for the mirrorlink function (Android USB, Android Wi-Fi & IPhone Wi-Fi) If you are the first time to use this easyconnection apps, you must connect through Wi-Fi. After you successfully pair the WiFii, then press the relative methods (e.g. If you are using Android WiFi, then press Android WiFi). Let talk about the Android connection. After press Android WiFi icon, you will go to below page. Then you need to download an application through scanning the QR code on the page. (Please don't directly download the application through the Play store, it is because the version you download may not fit to the Android version of the head unit.) Once you download the app, then you can use it to mirrorlink the phone screen to the head unit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ However, for the Iphone conenction, it won't need an application. After pairing the WiFI, Iphone users can directly use the mirrorlink function via Airplay.
  • 3. Does the head unit support Carplay ?
    Yes, our head unit does support the carplay function. Before you need this function, you need to extra purchase a carplay dongle for the data transfer. Otherwise, the carplay won't work. Below is the carplay dongle image, you can find it in Amazon.
  • 4. How to change the boot animation ?
    For the Custom Boot animation, please access to Factory setting. Click Settings > car > factory settings. And press the password "126". Then you will access to another page, you will see the car logo option on the top menu. Click it and then you can select other default brand logos or custom logo.
  • 5. How to change the button color ?
    You can change the button color in the setting > car > Element The button of the head unit will be lighted up while the flag light of your car is lighted up. If the button doesn't lighted up, it should the protocal issue. To resolve this issue, you need to connect the power cable of the flag light to the ILL cable(Orange color) of the head unit.
  • 6. About the steering wheel contol
    The head units described for the specfic car models generally support the function of the factory steering wheel control. Therefore, an canbus will be included in the package. Conversely, the Universal head unit won't include the canbus, it meant the universal head unit won't support the factory steergin wheel control. Below is the canbus device image for your reference. However, if you really want to have the SWC function in your universal unit, you can consider to purchase an add-on SWC device like below.
  • 7. How to install the application when offline ?
    Yes, you can place the apk file to the flash drive and then install it in the apkinstall application in the head unit.
  • 8. About the rear camera problem
    Our head unit does support to the rear camera, user can view the reverse situation through our head unit. The reference of the wire connection is following:
  • 9. How to open and connect the Wi-Fi ?
    Steps: 1. Open the hotspot of your mobile phone 2. Access the setting > Network & internet >Wi-Fi 3. Pair the Wi-Fi. Can I use the 4G dongle to share the wifi to the head unit. Yes, you can.
  • 10. How to enable the video function ?
    If you see a black screen and show a message "Video disabled while driving for safety", it meant you are protected under the safety mode. If you want to unlock it, you need to access settings > car > driving setting.
  • 11. What kind of add-on devices does the head unit support ?
    You can connect these add-on devices to enhance the head unit function such as 4G dongle, carplay dongle, OBDII, radio amplifier etc.
  • 12. Time setting methods
    You can set the time in the setting > system > Date & time.
  • 13. How to set the voice of GPS navigation?
    You need to access the setting > Car > navigation > Navigation sound mode, then change the setting of "Switch" to "Mixing". Below also attach a tutor video for teaching you how to do this setting.
  • 14. How to connect the Antenna Amplifier to our head unit ?
    You need to connect the cable of antenna amplifier to the blue cable (Lablled ANT or AMP-Power) of the power cable of our head unit.
  • 15. How to keep playing the music while the rear camera is turned on!
  • 16. How to use zlink app (Wireless Carplay function) ?
    Below PDF is the user manual.
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